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The Department for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes of Charité offers a holistic treatment concept for children and adolescents with diabetes and other conditions of the endocrine system.

Inpatient treatment is offered on the paediatric ward 29. Outpatient treatment and check-ups tyke place in the endocrinology and diabetes clinics of the Centrete for Chronically Sick Childen (Sozialpädiatrischen Zentrum (SPZ) der Charité statt (please see the information sheet) .

An essential part of the holistic treatment concept is the care of the children by their parents an caregivers, but also by the nursing staff and our posychosocial support team.

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Diabetes web portals for patients and their families

Are you looking for specific information on diabetes in children and adolescents?

Our team recommends the following three web portals (, Deutsche Diabetes Hilfe and diabetesDE) with detailed information about diabetes and its management - please click on the logos below for further information.